Winston & Baum Steampunk Adventures

Welcome to a world similar to our own, but also very different.  Man has discovered that the creatures from our fairy tales and the monsters of our nightmares are all too real.  In order to deal with the darker side of this fantastic reality, the governments of the world have allowed men to hunt these creatures for bounty.  Dan Winston & Lee Baum are two such men.  You can follow their adventures through the links below.

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Synopsis of book 1:  Winston & Baum are two men who are no strangers to danger, and the mythical creatures that plague the English countryside. Now Queen Victoria, a cyborg of brass and bolts, has charged them with an important mission. Representatives from the fairy world have warned that dark forces are gathering to conquer the British Isles and rid it of man and good fey alike. In an unholy bond between the dark races of the English fey and German monsters, a child has been ordered dead. If the girl dies, then the evil forces will be unstoppable. Traveling the English countryside in search of the child, led only by dreams, Winston & Baum must confront overwhelming odds to rescue the girl and keep her safe. The German forces are not willing to surrender so easily and it is discovered that everything is not as it seems. Winston & Baum will have to unravel the Secret of the Stone Circle to save God, Queen, and country.

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Volume 2 now Available.  Winston & Baum and the Seven Mummies of Sekhmet.

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Synopsis: Dan Winston & Lee Baum, two adventurers who hunt monsters for a living, find themselves pitted against unimaginable forces. Seven mummies have recently been discovered, the Priests of Sekhmet. On the unveiling of one of these mummies, a madman, with supernatural powers, steals the headdress of the priest. In their search for the thief, they discover a startling truth: when the headdresses of the seven priests are brought together, they have the power to awaken the sleeping goddess, Sekhmet. Now Dan, Lee, and their goblin assistant, Brackish, must travel to the sands of Egypt, where they will battle foes not seen in our world for centuries. In a race against time, Winston & Baum will have to stop a nearly invincible madman, prevent an ancient evil from being reawakened, and save the world from an age of darkness. Just another day on the job for the exterminators of the strange and weird.

And keep checking back as we add the other volumes to this 5 part series.

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Volume 3 now available.  Winston & Baum and the Disk of Night

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Synopsis: Dan Winston & Lee Baum, the premier monster-exterminating duo of England, find themselves called to America. Billy Hoffster Johnson, a Texas cattle baron and former client of Dan’s, arrives with news that a group of skinwalkers, long dead, are once again menacing his ranch and have murdered famed monster hunter and Dan’s friend, Pecos Slim. The medicine man that revived these villains seems to be after more than their blood. When a strange black disk is uncovered, bringing with it unholy magic, Dan and Lee are all that stand between the evil man and the chaos surrounding the dark artifact. With their very souls on the line, can the exterminators of the strange and weird rise to the challenge?
Also included in this volume, Brackish Thumtum, everyone’s favorite goblin, stars in his own solo adventure: Brackish & the Sleeping Maidens.

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Volume 4 is now available.

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Synopsis: As the war between Britain and Prussia continues to rage on, Baba Yaga, the legendary witch of Prussia, takes a firm stand against the foreign army with all of her supernatural allies. Dan and Lee are pulled apart as Lee is drafted into a special unit of hunters being sent to deal with the monstrous menace. With his ship lost behind enemy lines and most of his unit captured, Lee and the Scottish hunter, Brogan, must attempt to make their way back towards friendly territory, but it won’t be an easy task as the Baba Yaga’s forces hound their every step.
When word that Lee is missing reaches home, Dan and Brackish set out on a dangerous mission to save their friend. Following Lee’s path, the two hunters soon learn that the dangers their friend faces are even greater than they imagined. As they race through the Prussian countryside, Dan and Brackish try to reach Lee before the Baba Yaga can get him in her clutches.
As they fight to survive, can the exterminators of the strange and weird endure the trials of the Baba Yaga?

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Volume 5 is now available.

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Synopsis: Winston & Baum have faced multiple dangers over the course of their famed careers, but one enemy has returned to plague them again and again. The last living member of a group of sisters, witches in fact, has finally found a method to exact her unholy revenge. Meg has seized control of Soulderbrook Manor, a legendary house from which no one has ever returned. With the limitless power of the Manor, Meg wreaks havoc on London, drawing her enemies to her.
Dan, Lee, and Brackish find themselves trapped within the confines of an ever-changing structure and facing monsters far from the realm of human existence. The trio will have to utilize all of their talents to save mankind and keep from being consumed by the house itself.
Will the exterminators of the strange and weird see the world outside of Soulderbrook Manor ever again?

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